Pigeon That Can’t Fly Forms Inseparable Bond With Adorable Chihuahua That Can’t Walk

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Pigeon That Can’t Fly Forms Inseparable Bond With Adorable Chihuahua That Can’t WalkWe humans have so much to learn from the fellow animals with whom we share our planet. The sweet Chihuahua and pigeon in the next story show us that no matter the species or ability, a true friendship can form with anyone at any time.




Herman is a rescue pigeon that can’t fly and Lundy is a 10-week-old chihuahua who can’t walk, and their special relationship won everyone’s hearts. The two adorable creatures met at the The Mia Foundation – a non-profit in Rochester, New York, which rehabilitates animals with birth defects.

Herman was found a little over a year ago in the car park of a car dealership, where he had been sitting, not moving, for three days. His rescuers soon realised he had suffered neurological damage and couldn’t fly. Wildlife rescuers in the area said the little fella couldn’t be rehabilitated and would need to be euthanised, but Sue Rogers – the founder of The Mia Foundation – took matters into her own hands and decided to take care of him herself.

Lundy, a chihuahua puppy, is a new arrival to the centre, after being sent there by his breeders because he was unable to use his hind legs – a condition known as swimmers syndrome. Rogers suspects the pup’s difficulty walking is due to ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ to his spinal cord.

Rogers put the two creatures in bed together, but shortly they began to hug, and have since been virtually inseparable. The beautiful sight prompted Rogers to fire up her smartphone camera and take amazing pictures. After these pictures went online, suddenly people wrote to her from all corners of the world with messages of support and also donations. Rogers said: “Just from a simple picture of a pigeon and a puppy being shared, we’ve already brought in over $6,000 in donations.”